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Is money an issue in your relationship?
Is your relationship with money an issue?

Money can be a charged issue in a relationship. But it doesn't need to be. I offer an emotionally supportive way to get to the root of the differences and help you find practical ways to move forward.

  • Take the stress out of talking about money.
  • Learn and practice techniques for better communication right away.
  • Develop the skills to accomplish better money management.
  • Heal self-destructive spending habits.

Sessions cost $125 per hour and last a full 60 minutes.

What people say about working with me:

  • "Working with Lindy has been an eye opening experience for me. She has challenged some of my previously held notions regarding finances and my relationship with my husband. Through our discussions, I feel that my thinking has expanded and I have been able to do more thinking 'outside the box'. My relationship with my husband has improved through better communication and I find that we are working together to solve our various problems."

  • "Lindy Sinclair offers a rare combination of skills as both a financial and relationship coach. She is an expert in each area. I can highly recommend her from personal experience to anyone wishing to improve in these areas."

If you are ready to make changes, give me a call at 510-223-4063 or email me at Lindy@LindySinclair.com.

I even make house calls!

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